October Sky

I see the bright blue skies;

The wind, the trees, the Sun atop the hills dancing by.

The young yellow shoots, and the flowers caressed by the carefree wind;

Living to their fullest, before the same wind causes them to die.

I see the horizon, where in the dusky hue, the hill meets his love the sky;

She’s sober from the gone by rains, and looks at me a way too shy.

The purest sunshine, more white than yellow;

Calms the rage of the winds, into the sweet anger of the teenage girl.

To the delight of the grasslands below, the breeze sweeps them all;

Together they dance, they all dance by.

The air is seductive, coupled with the blinding sunshine;

The sweet intoxication, forcing me to live at times I die.

And suddenly I can’t see much, the murderous slumber messing with my head;

I hug my pillow, together we go back to finish the day-dreams left by.

O, I love the views, the weather, the tranquility, the Sun through my window shines;

Leave me with them to live and die, before the heartless winter comes by.

~Abhishek Bhatt


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